Telepad 1.0.1

Wireless mouse & keyboard on Android phones and tablets

Wireless mouse & keyboard on Android phones and tablets

Telepad acts as a remote controller for your PC using Wifi or Bluetooth connection.

With Telepad you can easily watch a movie from your couch, it's a perfect tool for your professional meeting tool.

Use your touchscreen as a wireless mouse.

Access to a keyboard which completely handle several langs and all the mainly used keys you can found on a computer keyboard.

This software is for your desktop, you have to install the android application next.

You can find it via a the Google Play Store by searching 'Telepad'.

Features :

- Choose your connectivity : Wifi or bluetooth

- Adjust the desktop sound

- Fully functional Mouse : Handle click, double-click, scroll and window drag.

- Multimedia remote controller : Use Windows Media Player, Powerpoint or VLC.

- Advanced Keyboard : Access to shortcut (Ctrl, Alt, ...) and function (F1, F2, ...) keys

- Compatible with Windows 7 and 8

- Many alphabets supported : support accented characters and other special characters.



Telepad 1.0.1

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